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A network to build upon

EKSBIT is the association for graduated Tilburg University Information Management Alumni. The goal of the association is the promotion of interaction between our members. We are organizing informal and formal events regularly. Alumni Association EKSBIT is in close cooperation with Study Association Asset | SBIT. Built a network by joining our association with a network of more than 400 graduated professionals, working at various employers.

Keep in touch

Primary objective of EKSBIT is the organization of events, both formal and informal, for the purpose of establishing and strengthening ties between members for the purpose of maintaining, expanding and strengthening professional knowledge. Informal activities therefore relate both for (potential) new members to get acquainted with current members and to for current member to get in touch with our members themselves (again). We notice that there is little enthusiasm for recruiting formal events, so we are looking for a way in which we can share subject content with our members in a fun way. For example, we organize a subject-specific event every year on a current theme in the sector.

Our mission

The objective of the association is laid down in our statutes as follows: maintaining and strengthening the bond between the members themselves and between the members and Tilburg University (in particular Information Management); developing and maintaining the professional knowledge of the members; represent the interests of the members in the broadest sense of the word.

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