To help you write your masterthesis, here are some examples of old master theses. Do not copy them, you may only use them as an example!

P. Smulders Regulation and Innovation: Data Analytics in Financial Audit - Grade: 8 
N. Bombay Using Social media to predict personality and innovative behaviour  - Grade: 8,5
J. van Beijsterveld: Misfits in ERP System Implementation - Grade: 9
L. van Hagen: Improving the Word-of-Mouth Effect on Social Media sites by increasing actual sharing
A. Slaa: Management of cloud sources applications - Grade: 8
S. Hoek Predictive Security Analytics - Grade: 7,5
S. Zeiler Taking the robot out of the human - Grade: 7,5


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Master Thesis Session #2 (2018)

If you need any tips on writing your thesis you can refer to the slides below.

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