Asset offers guidelines to help you during your studies. Guidelines are not meant to be a substitute for the literature and lectures, but merely to be an addition and help in studying the material presented in the book and course. 

The guidelines are offered by the departments of Asset. Each department offers the guidelines that correspond to their specialism. The costs for a hard copy guideline are € 3,- for members of Faculty Association Asset. For non-members, the costs are € 7,- per guideline. Hard copy guidelines can be sent via mail, shipping costs apply.  Digital copies are € 2,- for Asset members and € 6,- for non-members.

Both digital and hard copy guidelines are available. You can request a guideline by filling in the form

Asset | SBIT offers the following guidelines:

Bachelor Business Economics:

  • Bedrijfsethiek

  • Management en Informatiesystemen 

  • Methoden voor Bedrijfseconomisch Onderzoek

Minor Information Management: 

  • Information Systems Strategy

  • Decision Support Systems 

Pre-Master Information Management:

  • Information Management for Pre-Master

  • Information Systems Strategy

  • Business Research Methods



  • Business Process Integration

  • Enterprise Governance and Digital Transformation

  • IT Governance and Digital Transformation


  • Advanced Data Management

  • Business Analytics and Emerging Trends (might be outdated)


  • Business Intelligence and Data Management

  • Enterprise Architecture as a Business Strategy

  • Supply Chain Modelling 
    For this course, we unfortunately do not have a guideline available. For a correct guideline of this course we would like to refer you to Asset | Strategy & Logistics


  • Knowledge Management & Societal Innovation

  • Project Management: People and Technology

  • Smart Business Networks

Earn some money by writing a guideline

To be able to serve you as a student in the most optimal way, Asset | SBIT is looking for students willing to write a guideline for specific courses. Currently, we are not looking for guidelines in specific courses, but if you think you have written an improved guideline, you can always send an email to [email protected]. If we find that your improved guideline is of added value, you will be compensated for your efforts with €50,-. For updating an existing guideline you will receive €25,-.

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