Asset offers guidelines to help you during your studies. Guidelines are not meant to be a substitute for the literature and lectures, but merely to be an addition and help in studying the material presented in the book and course. 
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You can buy our guidelines at our office in room E1.16 in the Esplanade Building and pay for your guideline there by card. The price of a guideline is €3,- for Asset members and €7,- for non-members.
Note that we only have paper summaries, so it is not possible to get them online.

Asset | sbit offers the following guidelines

Bachelor Business Economics:

  • Management en Informatiesystemen 

Minor Information Management: 

  • Information Systems Strategy
  • Decision Support Systems 

Pre-Master Information Management:

  • Information Management for Pre-Master
  • Information Systems Strategy
  • Business Research Techniques



  • Business Process Integration
  • Cybersecurity Risk Management
  • IT Governance and Strategic Sourcing 


  • Advanced Data Management
  • Business Analytics and Emerging Trends
  • Service Oriented Enterprise



  • Business Intelligence and Business Analytics
  • Enterprise Architecture as a Business Strategy
  • Data Driven Design Approaches in SCM (New course so no guideline available yet)


  • Smart Business Networks
  • Project Mgt: People and Techonology
  • Data Driven Design Approaches in SCM (New course so no guideline available yet)
  • Digital Transformation and Innovation

guideline evaluation

If you have any remarks or comments on one of our guidelines, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]. Both positive and negative feedback is highly appreciated by us. By means of these evaluations we can keep on improving our guidelines!

Earn money by writing a guideline

To be able to offer up-to-date guidelines to our students, Asset | SBIT is looking for students willing to write a guideline for the above specified courses. Currently, we are not looking for guidelines in specific courses, but if you think you have written an improved guideline, you can always send an email to [email protected]. If we find that your improved guideline is of added value, you will be compensated for your efforts with €50,-. For updating an existing guideline you will receive €25,-.

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