Board Story: Treasurer

Board story Treasurer In this board story I will give you some information about what it is like to be a treasurer at Asset | SBIT. This article will show you how my year has been so far and what I do as a treasurer and board member during this year.

But first let me introduce myself. My name is Niek van Lieshout and I am 21 years old. I grew up in a beautiful city called Helmond. About four years ago, I started my bachelor in Business Economics at Tilburg University. In my first two years of studying in Tilburg I only focussed on my study and enjoyed the freedom that university life brings. However, at the end of the second year I wanted to become more active and joined Asset | SBIT. I enjoyed my time at Asset | SBIT so much that I became more and more active throughout the year. When I was asked if I would be interested in doing a board year my first thought was, that it would be too soon for me, because I just joined SBIT. However, after a few more months of getting to know the association and some conversations with former board members I decided that I wanted to go for it. Looking back on the whole process I am really glad that I made this decision. In the past months as a board member I have been given the opportunity to work on my strengths but especially on my weaknesses. A board year was for me the perfect opportunity to develop myself and prepare myself for the business life.

My function in the board is treasurer. As a treasurer it is my job to make sure that the association remains financially stable. My main tasks are making and monitoring the budget, bookkeeping, keeping an eye on the cashflows and making the contracts and invoices for our partners. By being responsible for the financials of an association for a year, you develop your accounting skills a lot and get a basic insight in financials, which can be a useful set of skills in your future career. Next to this, as a treasurer, it is your job to give your fellow board members a financial perspective in the decision- making process and to decide whether an idea is financially feasible or not. To become a treasurer you do not need to have any experience with bookkeeping or financials. Everything you need to know will be explained in the succession period by your predecessor. Even after the succession period you will always be able to ask any questions to one of the former treasurers in the ‘KasCo’. The ‘KasCo’ is an advisory committee consisting of former treasurers and other more people with affinity with bookkeeping. Every quarter they check whether all the financials are correct and advise you on difficult issues. So as a treasurer you can always rely on the expertise of your predecessors.

As a treasurer you will spent some time bookkeeping and doing other administrative work however, this is only a small part of your week. Next to the tasks that are part of your function, a board member has a lot of other responsibilities. For instance, every committee has a board member that keeps an overview and updates the other board members about what happens in the committee. At the beginning of the year we divided all committees and other responsibilities within our board. Everyone gets to fill in their preferences. I became responsible for the following committees; the activities committee, the Entrepreneurship Event, the International Study Trip (IST), the Informail, the KasCo (of course) and the European City Trip (ECT) of the upcoming year. As a treasurer you are a bit involved in the other committees as well, because most committees have their own budget. Even though we all have our own responsibilities within the board, every board member is responsible for every event or action that we perform as SBIT. Therefore, you will learn how to work in a team and how to support each other. This will give you a great sense of responsibility for your later career. Besides all the things you learn by doing your function, a board year gives the perfect opportunity to expand your network and get to know many companies. During the year you will get to know all the current members of SBIT, a lot of alumni of SBIT, board members of other associations and many people form a wide variety of companies. As a board member you will not only meet them at events, but you will also work together with companies and students to organize events. By doing this you will learn a lot about yourself and which working environment fit you the best.

Looking back at my board year so far it has brought me a lot of great experiences and many new friendships. A few weeks ago we even had our board information session for our potential successors. The year has passed so quickly and although Corona made us cancel some events, I am still really looking forward to the coming few months and hopefully we can still organize some events. Although I wish this year would never end, I am excited to teach my successor everything I learned this year!

Do you want to be my successor? Check out our board information page!


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