Board applications are open now!

The board applications for the 2021-2022 Board of Asset | SBIT are open now!

Are you looking for a challenge next year? Do you want to develop yourself besides your studies? Apply for a board year at Asset | SBIT! This opportunity is not only a great addition to your CV, but also provide you with an awesome combination of living your student life to the fullest and gaining a lot of experience in a working environment.

As a board member of Asset | SBIT, you are the daily leader of an organization with almost 1500 members. You will discover the broad scope of possibilities that lie in front of you after graduation. Each day is different, because of all the different tasks.

The most important thing about a board year, is that you learn how to work efficiently in a team. Together with your fellow board members, you are responsible for day to day tasks, organize both formal and informal event and many more! Each year, we aim to grow, which sometimes means that you have to make critical decisions.

However, always remember dat Asset | SBIT could never exist without all the hard work of the active members! As a board member you will never forget the friendships you made with your active members.

The following board positions are open to apply for:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Vice-Chairman
  • External Affairs Officer

If you are interested in applying for one or more board positions and would like to have an informal conversation about it before applying, please send an (informal) email to 

We are looking forward to tell you everything you want to hear and need to know about a board year at Asset | SBIT.

The procedure of application is as follows:

  1. Before May 1 2021, send an e-mail to including:

    • Your CV

    • A motivation letter in which you describe why you are a suitable candidate to lead Asset | SBIT next year

    • Please also mention the position of your preference and why you are the best candidate for this position

  2. You will receive an invitation for an interview to discuss your application

  3. We will soon let you know whether you will be the next board member of Asset | SBIT!


The application deadline is May 1 2021!

For more information, stop by at our Asset | SBIT rooms or send an (informal) e-mail to

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