Lustrum Committee

Bas Franken

Heather Engelen 

Mark Steenwijk

Bas is the chairman of this committee. He is responsible for making this Lustrum a great success!

Heather is the secretary of this committee. She is our minuter and is responsible for contact with the members and answering their questions.

Mark is the treasurer of this committee. His passion for numbers is a great addition to this committee!

Sjoerd Marinussen

Tom van den Berg

Otto Kloosterhof

 Sjoerd is the external affairs of this committee. His main responsibility is the contact with interesting companies who can contribute to our Lustrum.

Tom is the Vice-chairman of this committee. His main responsibility is to bring creativity and ambiance within the committee.


Otto is the planning officer of this committee. His duties involve planning and scheduling activities.



Astrid van der Heijden

Astrid is the board representative in this committee. She will make sure there is good contact between the board of Asset | SBIT and the committee.    

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