In 2019, Asset | SBIT celebrates her seventh anniversary. The lustrum period will have both formal and informal events and will take place from February 7th till 17st. We hope to attract your attention in case you are looking for career orientation or if you're just looking for some fun. You can subscribe in the beginning of October for several parties like the official opening, lustrumweekend and a beer cantus. The Opening Ceremony, the Skills Day and the Alumni Congres will give you more insights in the field of Information Management. We offer companies the possibility to get a share in the anniversary through exposure opportunities, attend the opening reception and taking care of a lunch lecture during the anniversary.


The Program

February 7

Reception and Openings Party


February 8-10

Lustrum Weekend


February 11

Skills Day


February 12

Charity Event and Secret Activity 


February  13

Hangover Lunch + Sports Activity


February 14 

Lustrum Gala


February 15 

Alumni Dinner


February 16

Family Day + Beer Cantus



opening reception

We will kick off our 7th Lustrum with an opening reception. This event will only be for former boards, pass-partout members and partners of Asset | SBIT. It will be a networking drink in the afternoon at the university, where we will officially start the Lustrum week.

Are you a student and do you want to join this event? Make sure you get your passe-partout here!


opening party

After the official opening reception, we will continue with a huge party in the city centre. This party will be in bar Café Polly where we will make sure there will be enough drinks for everyone. 


Lustrum weekend

When you are recovered from your hangover of the grand opening the day before, you can get yourself ready for legendary Lustrum weekend. This weekend will be a bit more special than a regular members weekend, because all the active members from the past 5 years are welcome as well! Besides, we will have a few extra surprises for you, so we can guarantee this will be a weekend you will remember for a long time. 

There are only a limited amount of spots available for the weekend, so sign up fast!



skills day

After all the partying and the awesome weekend, you will have the chance to sleep the whole morning and join us in a short afternoon program. Since we are a study association after all, we also want to make sure students who will join our Lustrum will also learn something during this week. The program on this afternoon will therefore focus on soft skills and is accessible for free for every student interested in Information Management.


charity event

One of the traditions during the Lustrums of Asset | SBIT is giving one day back to the community during our charity event. The spots are limited for this event, which means that only members who have a passe-partout can join. During this event, a group of students will help in providing a day full of joy and fun games for kids who are severely ill. For this event, we will work together with Villa Pardoes. If you want to read more about the great work they do, you can read more on their website.their websi


secret activity

On this day, we will organise an awesome activity for you, which will remain a secret until last minute. We will start in the late afternoon and you will be home very early in the morning. Rumours are that there might be some alcohol involved, but this is not confirmed yet.


Sports activity

Asset | SBIT celebrates its 35th birthday this year. Although most of us are not that old yet, there is still time to have flashbacks to when we were young! However, this day will start a bit differently with a (hangover) lunch, to recover and to make sure everyone has enough energy. The exact program of the sports activity will remain a secret.


lustrum gala

February 14, Valentines Day! A night that you want to spent with your loved one, ask someone on a date or just a night that you need friends around you. This is all possible at the first Asset | SBIT Lustrum Gala. Ask if someone wants to be your date, dress up and join this fancy party with your fellow students or alumni. This party is open for members of Asset | SBIT and former members of Asset | SBIT.


alumni dinner

Asset | SBIT was founded in 1984 and since then it had a lot of members. The idea for this night is to get as many of those members together at an alumni dinner. This is the perfect way to get or to stay in touch with alumni and meet up with old friends from the time that you were a member of SBIT. This night will have a dinner, some possibilities to share your memories and a drink afterwards with a lot of time to catch up with old friends. This night will be a success if many former members of SBIT join, so please invite your old friends and spread the word!

Some of the founders of SBIT already have confirmed that they will join this dinner. This is your chance to meet them and other alumni. 


family day

Over the years Asset | SBIT has become a big family in Tilburg for many members. But does your own family know everything about Asset | SBIT? Are your parents always asking you about that one friend in Tilburg whom they still have never met? Do you want to show your family around in Tilburg? This is your chance!. With a fun program in the afternoon you will explore the city, let your family understand Asset | SBIT better and meet other family members of SBIT’ers.


Beer Cantus

After more than a week of fun activities, unfortunately also the lustrum week comes to an end. What is a better way to end with a cantus?! This cantus is not only for SBIT members, but you can bring your friends and your family as well. Lets makes this cantus a night to remember (although some of you might forget some parts).


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