Tilburg University Cantus 2019

On September 2nd, the Tilburg University Cantus will take place. Every year Asset | SBIT organizes a charity event. This year we went to 'Behandelcentrum de Hazelaar' to help during an event for elderly people in the garden. During the TUC, students will toast on the social commitment of the past year and correspondingly celebrate the opening of the new academic year. The participation fee for this event is €26.50.

Notice that the minimum age for this event is 18, so bring your ID with you!

September 02, 18.45h
Registration Deadline
September 02, 00:00h
Willem II Stadion

Contact Information

Mail: info@asset-sbit.nl

Tel: 013 466 2998

Do you want to eat some fries with us before the cantus at 17:00 (Cultuurtuin)? Costs will be €4-. You can choose one of the following snacks: Frikandel, Kroket, Viandel and Kipcorn. Please indicate below which one you would like, 1 snack is included in the price. Every extra snack costs 1,85 extra. (if you do not want a snack but do want to eat fries just check the box below)

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