Taco Tuesday

Missing the warm summer vibes? On the 3rd of November we take you back to these beautiful times by spending a night in the tropics. 
In short this is what the evening will look like: In groups of 4 you will come together at one of the group member’s home and cook some delicious tacos and have a (tropical) beer tasting. 

To elaborate a bit more on this: All the necessary groceries for the tacos and beer tasting will be brought to you earlier that day. While cooking we provide you with a matching beer and you and your group can earn point by completing several challenges. When you finish your delicious diner you can join a zoom meeting with all the other groups and you can open your beer tasting package (which of course also includes some snacks ;) ). We’ll do a quiz about these beers and there will be some questions related to our tropical theme. The group who has the most points at the end of the evening wins and will receive a price and 15 Battle of the Committees points for their committee(s)!


This event is organized in compliance with the RIVM guidelines

Took place on November 03, 18.00h
Registration Deadline
November 04, 15:35h
Registration for this event is closed...

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