Skills Day

The agile way of working is implemented in most companies nowadays. When you apply for your first job, it is preferred that you have some experience with agile or at least know something about it. 

Agile, Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, these are terms you may have heard or know from theory during your studies. However, did you ever play planning poker? Or experienced any other scrum practices?
Come experience it at the Skills Day!

Next to some basic theory about agile and various agile practices like scrum and kanban. We'll take a deep dive into scrum with some interactive games and interesting examples from practice from a Product Owner. They will show you why people started working agile and what the benefits are during practical game. Of course agile is no egg of Columbus that is solving all problems without any downsides, that's why we will also tell you about the pitfalls with examples from business.

Do you want to join our skilss day, which will take place on Monday the 11th of February from 10.00h until 12.30h? Subscribe now!

Note: the skills day will be free of charge


Took place on February 11, 10.00h February 11, 12.30h
Registration Deadline
February 10, 00:00h

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