Asset | SBIT Lustrum Gala

February 14, Valentines Day! A night that you want to spent with your loved one, ask someone on a date or just a night that you need friends around you. This is all possible at the first Asset | SBIT Lustrum Gala. Ask if someone wants to be your date, dress up and join this fancy party with your fellow students or alumni. This party is open for members of Asset | SBIT, former members of Asset | SBIT, Alumni of Asset | SBIT and their dates. 

Sign up here to have an amazing evening full of love, dancing and drinking.

The price of the Gala will be €35,-.

Dates have to register themselves and do not have to be from Asset | SBIT in particular.

When you are a date (and not a SBIT member or Alumnus), please mention in the remark field which SBIT member or Alumnus is your date.

Took place on February 14, 21.00h
Registration Deadline
February 14, 23:59h
De Heuvel Gallery

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