SBIT Lustrum Beer

After a few decades, the time was there. SBIT went brewing their own beer. In the early mornings, the chosen SBITters arrived at the brewery and from there on, the hard work started. First of all, the brewer explained the process step by step and the first step was to let the malt needed to be boiled. When the malt was boiling, the SBITters started to pick the herbs for the taste. After half an hour of doubt, all the sense of smell was gone. But SBIT made a decision, the beer became a beer with a winter character. The most important part was that the sugar level needed to be just right in order to get the right alcohol percentage. After the intense morning of the first team, the second team came to enlight them from the heavy work.

In the end, everything came right and the beer is a significant part of the seventh lustrum of SBIT. Together with this beer, we say cheers to a great party and a good drink!

The beer, aptly named 'Golden Cillinder', will be for sale as of February 4, 15.00h. To order the Golden Cillinders, please complete the form below. The price per beer is €2,-. If you order the maximum amount of 6 beers, you will receive the 7th Golden Cillinder for free!

Please note
: there's only a limited amount available, the maximum amount that you will be able to order is currently limited to 6 per person. The reservations and sale will be based on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, should the reservations far exceed the amount available, we reserve the right to lower the amount obtainable per person.

Took place on February 07

Beer Makers

Ruud van Rijt

Quien Vermeulen

Heather Engelen

Otto Kloosterhof

Bas Franken

Mark Steenwijk

Sjoers Marinussen

Tom van den Berg

Astrid van der Heijden

Transportation Officers

Jordi Kerckhaert

Bas Franken

Sort of Beer

Blond Beer with Winter Herbs

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