Intercontinental Study Trip to Panama

Every year Asset | SBIT organises an intercontinental study trip with the goal of providing students an opportunity to improve their orientation on a global level. This really is a great addition to the regular student period. The trip has a good balance between formal and informal events. The program includes various activities with Information Management related companies and universities.

The Intercontinental Study Trip has the goal to distinguish itself on an economic-, academic-, politic-, and cultural level. We provide a diverse program which offers all these aspects.

The trip will cost 850 euros. This includes travel costs, hostel and activities. 

The payment will be in 3 batches. 300, 300 and 250 euros.

Panama Information Session 23 November 2018.pptx

April 25 May 07
Registration Deadline
January 23, 23:59h
Panama City, Panama

Previous Destinations

2018: Taipei

2017: Cape Town

2016: Manilla

2015: Tokyo

2014: New Delhi

2013: Rio de Janeiro

2012: Hong Kong

2011: Dubai

Contact Information


Tel: 013 466 2998

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