Entrepreneurship Event 2021

Interested in the field of entrepreneurship? Join us at the Entrepreneurship Event on Wednesday, February 10!

The aim of the Entrepreneurship Event is to change the misconceptions regarding the process of establishing your own enterprise. During your studies, you might have encountered several interesting entrepreneurial opportunities. The key to successful entrepreneurship however, is the ability to seize these opportunities. Therefore, we have designed the Entrepreneurship Event to help students familiarize themselves with the process of entrepreneurship.

2020 has been a turbulent year both for students and entrepreneurs, but it also creates opportunities to create value, which is why this year’s topic is “New Times, New Opportunities”. The event will start with a speakers debate at Euroscoop Tilburg, for which limited tickets are available, depending on the measurements set by the RIVM (the speakers debate will also be streamed online). The discussion will be led by the chairman of the day, who will encourage interaction between the three speakers (PAL-V, Sustainables, and ECO Wheat - Straws B.V.) and the crowd.

Afterwards we will continue our day with a business case. This will take place at the University, again if the pending measurements allow it. Otherwise the case will take place online as well. The crowd will be divided into groups to enhance interaction with a workshop from Fresh Habits. These groups will be given the opportunity to discuss creative solutions to the challenge and develop a business concept. They are free to tweak the business concept in any way that they see as beneficial. At the end of the workshop each group has to pitch their findings, and a jury will select the winning pitch. The winning team will then be announced and receive a great prize! 

After the workshops all participants will get the chance to network online with participants, speakers and companies. The partners of the Entrepreneurship Event 2021 are Emons Group, Rhythm, De Ondernemer, and Euroscoop Tilburg. Follow us on our social media pages for updates regarding the event!


Participation fees

Asset members

  • Speakers debate online               Free of charge
  • Speakers debate and case           €3,-

Non Asset members

  • Speakers debate online               Free of charge
  • Speakers debate and case           €5,-


Registrations are closed!


Note: You will be put on the Asset Blacklist in case of a no-show, if you want to unsubscribe you can do so till 48 hours in advance.

Took place on February 10, 09.15h
Registration Deadline
February 09, 23:59h
Participating companies


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