Crazy88: Easter Hunt

On the 8th of April it is time for the Crazy 88: Easter Hunt! During the event you and your team will have 88 tasks for which you’ll get a variating amount of points. You will have the whole day to do them so you and your team can decide yourself when you want to start. Of course the winners will get a nice prize. So may the best team win! To even make this better you can earn quite some Battle of the Committee points! So don't hesitate to susbscribe together with your favorite committee members or just by yourself. You can sign up with your own team or we can team you up if you want to.


Good luck hunting!

Took place on April 08, 06.00h April 08, 23.59h
Registration Deadline
April 07, 23:59h


This event is organized by the Activities Committee

Registration for this event is closed...

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