Asset COdE 29th Edition

On Thursday, March 5, the second COdE of this academic year will take place at Vidar! For only €8,- you can join this unforgettable cantus. The registration will open at 14:00 on February 10, so make sure you are ready for subscription! 

Pitchers during the COdE will cost just €10,50 (7 coins), and during the after party you can get beer, wine and several soft drinks for €1,50 euro (1 coin). You can let us know if you want to buy these coins on beforehand, and you can pay them at the general room of Asset on Tuesday, February 18 or Wednesday February 19.

If you don’t buy the coins on the forehand, it is highly recommended to bring enough cash to make sure the coin sale at Vidar will go smoothly. 

Notice that the minimum age for this event is 18, so bring your ID with you! 

March 05, 20.00h
Registration Deadline
February 19, 12:00h
Vidar, Beekse Bergen 4, TSR Vidar, Beekse Bergen 4, 5081 NJ HilvarenbeekNJ Hilvarenbeek

Dress code

Be sure to wear your SBIT polo! Don't have one yet? You can purchase them at E.116

Registration for this event is closed...

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