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The Business Tour of 2018 will take place on the 1st and 2nd of November. This event is the biggest inhouse days organized by Asset |SBIT. During these 2 days, we will travel with approximately 20 students through the whole country visiting three companies. The companies will be in different sectors so the students can experience 3 different inhouse events in 2 days. The participating companies for the Business Tour 2018 are PwC, Baker Tilly Berk and Alliander!

We leave early in the morning on the first of November, on our way to the first company. Here we will be welcomed, and the company will give a short presentation about who they are and what they do. After this, the case will be explained by the company, you will then be divided in groups in which you are going to solve this case. After all the teams finish they will present their solution and a winner will be announced. Then a lunch will be provided by the company, where the students have the chance to have a conversation with the employees. When the lunch is over we will start making our way to the next company, here a similar program structure will be maintained but with a different case. After this case program, we will enjoy a dinner that is provided by the company. This also provides a good moment to talk with the employees of that company.

We will then make our way to a hostel provided by us. We always take a hostel which is in a nice location and provides the opportunity for some fun late night activities. For example, last year we stayed at the Cubical Hostel in Rotterdam. The morning of the 2nd day starts a bit later, so everyone will be fresh when we go to the next company. This company will be the last one of our event, we will start that program after the lunch. Then again a company presentation and case will take place. We will end this with a small drink, again a good opportunity to have a conversation with the employees. 

The Business Tour is a free to join event in which you have a great chance to meet your future employer.

Hereby the program for the Business Tour of 2018 as of now

Time Program
06:30 Departure from Tilburg University
08:30 Start of the program at Alliander in Arnhem
12:30  Departure towards Rotterdam
14:00 Arrival at PwC Rotterdam
19:00 Departure towards hostel
2nd day  
11:00 Departure towards Den Bosch
13:00 Arrival at Baker Tilly Berk Den Bosch
17:00 End of the Business Tour

The participating companies for the Business Tour 2018 are PwC, Baker Tilly Berk and Alliander!

Please note: this event is for Dutch speaking students only, master students Information Management have priority when subscribing and there are only 24 spots available for this event


Took place on November 01, 08.30h November 02, 17.00h
Registration Deadline
November 01, 00:00h
Arnhem, Rotterdam, Den Bosch
Participating companies

Dress Code

Business Formal

Contact Information


Tel: 013 466 2998

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