Alumni Talk

Interested in what will happen with your life after you graduate? Join the Alumni Event!

When you finish studying and start the working life many aspects will change. Less beer, job applications, working, earning money, leaving Tilburg… Well, a lot. And who better than Information Management alumni can tell you what will happen with your life when finishing your study?

During the event, several Alumni will talk about the path they took when they finished studying at Tilburg University. Get to know how they handled job applications, job interviews and choosing a company to work. But also: what about the social life when working? And the impact of moving out of Tilburg? And maybe the most important question; what can you do after a Master in Information Management? All questions may be asked, even those you are afraid to ask to a recruiter. 

Do they still use the lecture slides on Enterprise Architecture or Business Analytics and Emerging Trends? Are they building queries like in BIDM? Or are you never using your study materials anymore? The alumni will certainly be able to answer this for you.

Important: this is not a recruitment event. 

The event will take place on the evening of April 14th. 

Subscriptions opening soon.

April 14
Tilburg University

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