Alumni Dinner

Asset | SBIT was founded in 1984 and since then it had a lot of members. The idea for this night is to get as many of those members together at an alumni dinner. This is the perfect way to get or to stay in touch with alumni and meet up with old friends from the time that you were a member of SBIT. This night will have a dinner, some possibilities to share your memories and a drink afterwards with a lot of time to catch up with old friends. This night will be a success if many former members of SBIT join, so please invite your old friends and spread the word!

Some of the founders of SBIT already have confirmed that they will join this dinner. This is your chance to meet them and other alumni. Sign up here!

The price for Active Members will be €35,-
The price for Alumni will be €37,50

Took place on February 15, 18.30h
Registration Deadline
January 31, 23:59h
Villa de Vier Jaargetijden

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