Almanac VII

Are you curious about what happened with SBIT, information management, old board members or any other member of SBIT? Then we are happy to announce that you can start pre-ordering the Almanac of 2014-2019! Do not hesitate and order this pearl of the history of SBIT. On February 7 you can pick up the almanac at the rooms of SBIT and start comforting yourself with some of the amazing stories of the past few years. Let us give a quick overview of what to expect. First of all, of course what happened with SBIT the last 5 years with the most funny moments, a word of our founding father Frits, what other Asset departments say about SBIT, who was a member of the last 5 years, statistics of our members and last but definitely not least, all the great pictures of everyone.

This and many more reasons for buying the almanac!

You can order your Almanac on the 4th of February for only 10 euros!

Took place on February 07

Almanac Committee

Thijmen Braadbaart

Astrid van der Heijden

Bas Franken

Arantxa Warrens

Tim Nijman

Carmen Messing

Maud Cox

The Almanac costs 10 euros

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