Asset Inhouse Day CZ

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be CEO of one of the major insurance companies in the Netherlands? 

This is your change to take part in the CZ Grow Challenge during the Asset Inhouse Day! During this game, you get to know the complex and interesting world of a health insurance company. Together with your fellow board members during the game, you will make important decisions about among others the financials and the ICT policy of CZ. Besides that, don’t forget to execute these tasks well to make sure that your employees stay satisfied. Do you succeed in running the company well? Then your team wins the challenge! 

Besides playing an interesting game, it is also a great opportunity to get to know CZ as a company and their respective career opportunities. We will end the day with a drink, with the extensive opportunity to get in touch with our employees and get to know them better. 

Enthousiastic? We definitely are to meet you! Subscribe for this Asset Inhouse Day and hopefully we will see you all there at September 17, at CZ. 

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Program of the day:

13.15-13.30     Welcome
13.30-14.30     Introduction about CZ
14.30-17.00     Game
17:00-18:00     Drink

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Took place on September 17, 13.15h
Registration Deadline
September 13, 00:00h
CZ, Tilburg
Participating companies

Dress Code

Business Formal



Contact Information


Tel: 0134662991

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