The board of 2022-2023

Nathan Verboon                       Chairman

Anne van Lieshout                   Secretary 

Jos Haazen                                Treasurer

Natan van der Knaap               Vice-Chairman

Marco Haalboom                     External Affairs Officer

A board year at Asset | SBIT

Asset | SBIT is one of largest Information Management study associations of Europe. During a board year, you will discover all kind of capacities you’d never thought you had them before. You are the daily leader of an organization with almost 1500 members of which almost 100 active members. You will discover the broad scope of possibilities that lie in front of you after graduation. Every day is different, because you have contact with a large portfolio of different companies.

The most important thing about a board year is that you learn how to efficiently work in a team. Day in day out you and your fellow board members are the leaders of the association, which gives you a high responsibility. As a team you are looking for the ways to rule the association as best as you can. Each year, we aim to grow, which means that sometimes you have to make hard decisions which could go wrong. You learn to distinguish situations when you can take a risk and when it perhaps is better to be conservative.

Furthermore, Asset | SBIT could never exist without all the hard work of our active members. As a board member you’ll never forget the friendships you have made with all your active members who you coordinate with all kind of different committees.

Asset | SBIT stands for a high level of professionality in a friendly atmosphere!

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