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Asset | SBIT was founded in 1984 by ten enthusiastic students of information management and has since grown to roughly 1650 members. Asset | SBIT joined the faculty association Asset Tilburg in 2008.

Asset | SBIT is the Study association for Business and IT (Asset | SBIT) is the study association for all students Business Economics (BE) and Information Management (IM) at the Tilburg University and others interested in this field. The master Information Management is a successor to the study of Information Systems (Bestuurlijke Informatiekunde-BIK). During this study, students examine how IT can be used to enhance strategic, tactical and operational business objectives. Within these study a link is made between business and IT, the courses consist of business and information science.

Asset | SBIT provides its members with career orientation, study support and social cohesion. Career orientation is offered by providing our members with the possibility to join events with companies. These events range from formal to more informal settings. For example we annually organize the Business Dinner, during which members get the chance to talk to 4 different companies over dinner but we also have a Business Café during which our members can ask their questions to a company in an informal setting in a bar. On both occasions food and drinks are included to guarantee a good atmosphere for both the students as the company. Study support is offered by providing our members with summaries, thesis sessions and guidance documents. Last but not least we provide social cohesion by organizing a wide range of informal activities. From our famous Thursday afternoon drinks to our bachelor- and (pre-) master activities. These informal events provide our members with enough options to get to know their fellow students.

For students, people from the field and other interested parties Asset | SBIT, together with Asset | Strategy and Logistics organizes the entrepreneurship event. This year this event will take place on the 28th of February. The theme of the event will be “From idea to Execution” and aims to take away the obstacles that students see around the possibility of entrepreneurship.

Asset | SBIT also publishes interesting articles on trending topics in the world of Information Management on IThappens.nu

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