A lot of students are struggling occasionally with their mental health due to all different reasons. Many students are going through the same struggles somewhere in their time as a student and it is important to know that you are not alone in this. Therefore, Asset | SBIT wants to provide a place where everyone feels free to be themselves and to be open about their feelings.

Asset | SBIT is a place where we do not tolerate unacceptable behavior, so if someone harasses you, please do not hesitate to contact us!

What is a confidential contact person?

The task of the confidential contact person is to assist, inform, and advise you about possibilities. Whatever the approach is chosen, the confidential contact person will always act in consultation with and with consent of you.

Natan van der Knaap, our confidential contact person and vice-chairman, is here to have a talk if you struggle with a personal problem or do not feel safe at the association. He will never share anything you mention with any other party, but specifically will also never take action for you! He is here to offer a listening ear and refer you to the right person if this is needed. This could be for example the educational coordinator, but also the university psychologist. Natan can recommend or urge you to take action yourself, but after your talk this will be completely your own choice and responsibility. 

Get to know natan

Hello all, my name is Natan van der Knaap and I am the vice-chairman of Asset | SBIT 2022-2023. I am 23 years old and I am originally from Capelle aan den IJssel. In my spare time I like to play sports, watch football, drink beers, and party with my girlfriend and friends. 

If you ever feel the need to talk to anyone about anything, you can always contact me. I am happy to make time for you and we will try to find a time and place that suits us both. If you like we could go for a walk, have a phone call, or meet somewhere for a cup of coffee.

If you are a student with a personal problem or do not feel safe at the association, you can contact your confidential contact person via [email protected] This email will only go to Natan.

Disclaimer: We are not professional psychologists and are not able to help you in case of severe mental issues. However, we are able to guide you to the right persons who can help you and are more than willing to do so!

asset general confidentail persons

If there is something you would like to talk about, but do not feel comfortable sharing it with one of the Asset | SBIT board members, you can also visit the confidential contact persons of the General Board. At Asset we have confidential contact persons. If you feel unsafe or have anything else you want to talk about, please contact Annika Rothe (+49 151 75015014) or Tim van Asten (+31 6 40407075).

other options

Tilburg University Confidential Contact Persons

Would you rather contact someone outside of Asset? You can find more information about the confidential contact persons of Tilburg University here.

Educational Coordinator

Are you experiencing any difficulties with your study at the moment, but do not know who to contact? Tilburg University offers the opportunity to talk about this with your programme’s educational coordinator. You can contact them for a wide range of questions, both personal and study related. For more information, please visit this website.

Student Psychologist

Are you experiencing any mental difficulties that affect your studies, Tilburg University provides the possibility to see a student psychologist. You do not need a reference to see the university psychologist. More information can be found here.

Call 113

Are you having suicidal thoughts? Go to the website https://www.113.nl/english or call 113 or 0800-0113.

Alles oké?

In case you want to have someone else to talk to anonymously, you could also use the hotline from Alles oké? Here you can chat or call with a trained volunteer. You can find the site here.

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