Asset | SBIT offers many opportunities to companies. This ranges from getting in touch with Information Management students to creating brand awareness. We provide exposure and tailored advice, but we also organize events where your company can meet our students or showcase your latest company successes in the field of Information Management. Furthermore, it is also possible to place a vacancy, internship, traineeship or a student job on our Career Platform and promote it among our members! Below you can find the formal events we organize.

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Information Management Experience

During this activity, our motivated students visit four companies spread over two days. Students get a good impression of your company through presentations, cases and office tours. This event offers your company the unique opportunity to give students a sneak peek to your organization's corporate culture. Because of the interactive approach, you can put your company on the map with potential employees.

IM Business DInner

At the IM Business Dinner, students can get to know your company better over a luxurious four-course dinner at a high-end restaurant in Tilburg. After a short introduction round, each company will take a seat at its own table. Per course another group of students will join. Afterwards, there will be the opportunity to speak again with students during a closing drink. The informal nature of this event allows you to network with students who are interested in the companies, without the formality of a case or presentation. 

im business drink

During the IM Business Drink, students can interact with various companies. This allows them to expand their network of interesting contacts. The IM Business Drink is the ultimate opportunity to discuss internships and entry-level positions. The advantage for you is that you can get a better picture of potential employees. Companies can introduce themselves briefly through a presentation, after which further information can be discussed during the drink in a speed date setting.

lunch lecture

During the Lunch Lecture, students listen to your story while enjoying a luxurious lunch including a sandwich, fresh orange juice and fruit. Your company will get the opportunity to talk about a hot topic in the field of Information Management. This way, students get to know your company better while also learning about the work field. After the lecture, there is time to talk with the students about interests, vacancies, and internships.

recruitment event

At the Recruitment Event, students can get to know your company better. We start with a presentation round. After this, a motivated committee of Asset | SBIT will organize a semi-informal activity, during which conversations with students can be started about interests, vacancies, and internships. The event ends with a closing drink to answer the final questions of the students. 

Examples of activities are a beer tasting, a cooking workshop, or a golf clinic.

day in data

Asset | SBIT organizes the Day in Data in collaboration with Asset | Econometrics and D.S.A Pattern.

The contribution expected from participating companies is to provide a case that lies within the theme of the Day in Data, formerly known as the Hackathon. This will also give your company new insights into this theme. During the day there are various networking opportunities, such as lunch, dinner and drinks. This offers an ideal mix of opportunities for the students to assess and to get familiar with your company.

business data challenge

The Business Data Challenge is an initiative from Tilburg University in collaboration with study associations Asset | Economics and S.V. Flow. 

The goal of the Business Data Challenge is to allow students to convert the theory and knowledge they gain during their studies into practice to harness data from a business perspective. During the day, students will solve an extensive case provided by one of the partner companies. The results will be judged by a later determined professional jury and the winning team will receive a prize. The day will end with a dinner and an informal drink where you can network with all students.

inhouse day

During the Inhouse Day, our students will visit your company on site. The further day program is up to you. One possibility is an informative case, but also a workshop and/or dinner. The Inhouse Day gives students the ideal opportunity to experience your company culture and your activities up close. In short, the opportunity to put your company in the picture of our students.

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